Find a path through the complexity.


When you need a different perspective or specialized expertise in addressing a problem, make our team part of your team. RISE staff members provide the brainpower you need, along with years of experience coaching our colleagues through many of the same issues you might be facing. Whether you need new insight, direction, support, we know how to uncover it for you.

RISE refocused the way we look at alumnae engagement. Their recommendations didn’t suggest a one-time program or a quick fix to address an organizational problem. Through careful consideration, research, experience, and data, they changed our philosophy of alumnae engagement. This shift allowed me to streamline processes, identify partners, and reallocate time and resources to be used more effectively.”
— Aimee Jensen Boland, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Our Consulting Work

Hazing Problem Analysis
Investigate the primary causes and contributors to hazing in your community

Program Review
Evaluate and strengthen the services of your department

Strategic Planning
Develop a guiding framework for supporting your community

Analyze a specific issue area to develop a strategy for progress


Recent Projects

  • Cornell University: Project for Excellence Fraternity/Sorority Life Assessment
  • Purdue University | FSC Strategic Plan
  • Gustavus Adolphus College | Hazing Problem Analysis
  • Sigma Lambda Gamma | Volunteer Development Strategy
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma | Alumnae Engagement Strategy

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