Advisor Academy

There is simply no better way to use your programming budget. For every training dollar, you get more than a tenfold return compared to a general student program. Think about the math:

  • Advisors will be around much longer than undergraduates
  • Advisors typically don’t turn over every year like chapter leaders
  • Advisors have more direct contact with more members than anyone else
  • Advisors are there in the moment, often every week, as students are making decisions

But they need more than policies, procedures, and student development theory. They need coaching skills, an understanding of group development, clarity about their role, and strategies for addressing frequent topics.

This is a VERY worthwhile workshop. I came away with increased confidence in my abilities as an advisor. I also gained some solid understanding of what is shaping today’s college students.

Guide is a half-day, interactive skills-training experience that prepares volunteer organization advisors to excel in their position. Through presentation, group discussion, private reflection, case studies, and rehearsal, advisors learn:

  • Clearer expectations for their role
  • The forces influencing undergraduate students
  • Common patterns in group dynamics
  • How to balance accountability and autonomy
  • Strategies for resolving complicated scenarios
  • Simple techniques to advance student learning
  • And much more

Guide your Volunteers

Want to learn more about bringing Guide to your volunteer advisors? We’ll send more information about the program and a brief preview of the content!

NGLA Partnership

We partnered with NGLA to deliver the Advisor Academy to 500 people in the Northeast!