A time for preparation, not perfection.

*This blog was originally written as part of "The Road: The Journey to Excellence," Delta Tau Delta's comprehensive member education program.

Most men who will join the fraternity this year are 18 years old right now.On average, they will live to be 75.6 years old.This means they will be with Delta Tau Delta for approximately 57.6 years, or 2,995 weeks.They will be alumni for 53 years, or 2,756 weeks.They will be chapter members for approximately 3.5 years, or 182 weeks.And for the next 6 to 8 weeks, they will be your new members.

Discussing Hazing from the Outside-In

Most conversations about hazing are inside out:

  • They start with a narrow set of behaviors banned by state law.
  • Then they expand to include additional behaviors outlawed by university and organization policies.
  • From there, they can extend indefinitely in multiple directions to include things that are potentially harmful, ethically questionable, impractical, or more.

This approach inevitably leads to a dead-end conversation with students asking, “What else can’t we do?”