Officer Skills Training

They elected you. Gave you a box of files. And put you in charge. Now what?

There’s more to leading an organization than what’s in the manual. You also have to deal with personalities, politics, strategies, and surprises...all while staying organized and on task.

It’s definitely a must for any incoming officer with questions about how to deal with future situations in their organization.

Equip gives newly installed fraternity/sorority leaders the skills to manage the interpersonal and operational challenges they face in their new position. Select from the following program components to build a half- to full-day interactive institute:

  • Deal with politics and personalities
  • Get members more involved
  • Hold individuals accountable
  • Stay organized and on track
  • Lead better meetings
  • Balance multiple priorities
  • Plan and promote better events
  • Delegate tasks properly
  • Map out your term of office
  • Confront problems effectively

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