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bailey hamm

Previously serving as a fraternity/sorority graduate assistant, Bailey now works in training and development as an instructional designer for a Fortune 500 company.

Bailey keeps us honest by ensuring that every piece of curriculum we develop adheres to the principles of adult learning and good practice in training and development. She regularly offers a fresh take and an innovative approach when we need to overcome outdated ideas in educational programming.

Bailey is part of RISE’s instructional design team, where challenges us to a greater vision for what learning could look like in fraternity/sorority life.

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Brittany Barnes

Brittany is currently the Director of Curriculum and Training at RISE Partnerships. She is also part of RISE’s training team and the instructional design team, where she ensures the programs we develop are student-centric.

Her energy is infectious and her brilliance is unmatched. Brittany is exceptionally talented at maintaining healthy rapport with students while simultaneously working through highly complex problems. Relying on these and other abilities, she was responsible for spearheading the award-winning RESPECT initiative at Purdue.

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Colleen is currently a Consultant at Break the Ice Media, a boutique marketing and public relations company, where she focuses on communications and public relations for clients in the travel and tourism industry.

She also sits on the board of the Public Relations Society of America Rochester chapter and is the chair of its Communication Committee.

Colleen believes in our mission to help fraternity/sorority leaders do their best work. She is part of RISE’s marketing team, where she has been instrumental in helping RISE develop a strategic marketing plan to share our story and our work with the world.

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Dan Bureau, Ph. D.

Dan currently serves as the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Memphis, and as a board member for the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education.

He has a keen understanding of assessment and the role of fraternal organizations in supporting the mission of higher education. As a thought leader in fraternity/sorority life and student affairs, Dan regularly shows up as an author, consultant, coach, presenter, and facilitator in numerous programs and publications. He served as President for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors in 2004 and has been a volunteer for the organization for 20 years. Dan is part of our consulting team, and works most frequently on research projects, program reviews, community assessments, and strategic planning efforts.

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Dan has worked with fraternal organizations from every perspective: a campus professional, a headquarters professional, an umbrella organization staff member, a chapter advisor, a volunteer leader, and a business leader.

He is a student of organizational leadership, systems theory, strategy, instructional design, and other complex issues, and regularly contributes to the fraternity/sorority industry through writing and presenting.

Dan manages the day-to-day operations of RISE and leads many of our instructional design and consulting projects.

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Jenny Rabas

Jenny is a doctoral candidate at the University of Missouri and currently works as a Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

She has a brilliant grasp of the public health approach to preventing issues with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, hazing, and sexual assault. She developed several successful educational programs and promotional campaigns involving social norms clarification and bystander intervention.

Jenny contributes her expertise to RISE’s instructional design team and to consulting projects involving high-risk behavior.

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Jon Campbell

Jon currently serves as the Director of Fellows for New Memphis Institute, guiding mid-career leaders through a year-long experience focused on enhancing leadership capacity and promoting civic activation.

He is an excellent facilitator and coach. Jon brings his professional experience in leadership development programs on campus and for adult professionals to ensure that our work is practical and relevant beyond the collegiate environment.

Jon is part of the instructional design team and frequently serves as a trainer for each of our programs.

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Paul Mintner

Paul has worked at the University of Iowa since 2012, currently serving as the Associate Director for Leadership & Service Programs in the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership. His work provides leadership development opportunities and civic engagement programming for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students through both curricular and co-curricular experiences.

He brings expertise in leadership development, competency models, instructional design, and organization development to the RISE team. Paul has done outstanding work developing campus-wide leadership development and service learning initiatives, and integrating them across multiple departments.

Paul is a part of RISE’s instructional design team, with specific focus on leadership competencies, program design, and educational strategy.

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Teniell Trolian, Ph. D.

Teniell currently serves as Assistant Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership at the University at Albany, and previously held campus-based positions in fraternity/sorority life at multiple institutions.

Her research focuses on college student experiences and outcomes. Teniell most frequently assists our instructional design team with developing assessment instruments, analyzing student experience data, and providing insight on member development initiatives.

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Whitney Swesey

Whitney is a past campus-based fraternity/sorority professional who now works in training and development at a growing startup technology company.

Having overseen dramatic increases in membership at three institutions, she knows how to strengthen recruitment systems. Whitney also brings new perspective on educational strategy to the fraternity/sorority world through her professional experience developing organization-wide training and development initiatives.

Whitney contributes her expertise to RISE through the instructional design team, the consulting team, and as a trainer for multiple programs.

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