Preparing New Members for Success

The first six weeks of a new fraternity/sorority member’s experience shapes their relationship to the organization for the next 60 years. A few key things need to happen during this time to keep members satisfied, retained, and engaged throughout their life.

THRIVE guides student leaders as they incorporate these core components into their new member education activities. Rather than simply replacing problematic activities, the program challenges students to align their program with their beliefs, attitudes, and goals for new members.

“I was very excited to attend this session and it delivered everything I expected and more. I’m currently designing a new member education process for our entire campus and this has helped me organize my thoughts a little more on how to make the experience more meaningful.

THRIVE includes the following components:

  • Half-day interactive workshop for teams of attendees from each organization
  • Private consultation sessions with organizations
  • Participant workbook
  • Ongoing coaching for individual organizations
  • Supplemental training on positive new member education practices

Have you ever asked one of these questions?

How do you repurpose outdated traditions without losing meaning?
How do you help organizations rebuild following an incident?
How do you do proactive hazing prevention?

Find out how THRIVE can provide an answer to each one.