New Officer Checklist, 2nd Ed.

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New Officer Checklist, 2nd Ed.


The New Officer Checklist helps fraternity/sorority leaders start out on the right foot in their new position. It provides simple instructions about what to do, where to start, and who can help. The Checklist walks you step-by-step through more than 50 exercises to complete when taking office that will save you time, energy, and frustration throughout your term of office.

BONUS: Those who pre-order copies for fall 2017 officer transition by October 1 will receive a free copy of our Officer Transition Facilitator Guide with suggestions for how to make the best use of this resource, tips on officer transition, and a list of supplemental resources

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The New Officer Checklist has been reformatted for fall 2017 officer transition to make it more useful for student leaders:

  • The planner-style format is more conducive to continued use throughout the year
  • A new layout provides more space to work and complete projects
  • New and updated resources since our original publication
  • New tips and tricks to address modern issues with technology and communication
  • And we added a year-round online curriculum as a bonus! Just subscribe and receive additional resources by email at 15 key times throughout the year