28 People You Should Meet

If you're a chapter or council officer, you need to be ready for anything that comes your way. That means starting out by establishing a connection to all the people with whom you might work during your term. At the very least, get these people into your phone, your emai, your contact list, and your planner:

  1. Campus fraternity/sorority advisor(s)
  2. Other chapter/council president(s)
  3. All your fellow chapter/council leaders
  4. Their parents
  5. Other officers in the community with similar responsibilities
  6. Your Leadership Consultant
  7. The Hazing Hotline
  8. Inter/National Headquarters
  9. Your Resident Advisor
  10. The Hall Director
  11. The chapter's Faculty Advisor
  12. Your Chapter Advisor(s)
  13. Any regional or national alumni advisors that work with your chapter
  14. The university's Alumni Affairs and/or Development Office
  15. Campus Safety
  16. Your Student Government Representative
  17. The Student Government President
  18. Office of Community Service / Civic Engagement
  19. A representative in the Student Conduct Office
  20. The person responsible for scheduling meeting rooms
  21. The administrative contact in the fraternity/sorority and student life offices
  22. Housing Corporation Officers
  23. Alumni Board Officers
  24. Your go-to people in the chapter/council
  25. Director of the Career Center
  26. Someone in the Academic Success / Tutoring Center
  27. Counseling Center
  28. The Admissions Office

Can you think of others?  Add them here...