Go Big or Go Home

If you’ve ever played a serious game of euchre, you’ve heard this phrase. It means that someone played a powerful card right out of the gate, typically as a statement of confidence that they have a strong hand. Of course, there’s always a chance that this plan could backfire. Other players might have better cards, or you might make a mistake in how you play the hand. Still, this bold show of determination sends a message to other players that they should step up, pay attention, and bring their ‘A game.’

As new officers take charge and another semester begins, it’s time for you to make bold statements. Sure, there’s a chance you will fail miserably. But a confident, bold statement about your ambitious goals and new initiatives might be just enough to signal to your members that you mean business.

I don’t believe this the best move in every situation. There are times when it’s more appropriate to sit back, relax, and slowly play out the hand to your inevitable success. But if you want to do something meaningful, declare it boldly. Because there is power and courage in putting it to voice and airing it to the world.

I have a dream. We will go to the moon. We’re going to serve 10,000 people this year. I’m done smoking. Tear down that wall. I will attend every class. We will have zero violations this year. I’m running a marathon.

Whatever your aspiration, make it public. Write your goal on a 3 foot poster and hang it on the meeting room wall. Leave it there all semester until it is achieved. Post it on your website, on your Facebook page, on your nametag. Say it over and over again.

Because if you keep it to yourself…

You didn’t really mean it. You might give up too early. You fail to inspire your members. You give yourself and others an easy excuse. You miss out on a story of achievement (or failure) to tell your future employer. You lose potential members who want to join an organization that does big things. You risk a chance at feeling the pride of your achievements.

So go big! What are you committing to? How is your leadership going to make a difference? What can we hold you accountable for achieving in the next 4 months? Make your commitment public by commenting, posting, or tweeting to GreeksRISE. Right now.