What will you do without them?

It’s that time of year again; spring has turned to summer, radio stations are playing Semisonic’s ‘Closing Time’ on repeat, and millions of students have graduated. We have high hopes for the Class of 2011 as they make their way into the world, but I can’t help but wonder…what will we do without them? The members of the Class of 2011 were our role models and leaders on campus. They knew the community, remembered the organization’s history and maintained a connection to alumni that other members could not. They served as our bridge between the new and old. They stepped in to take over when the Class of 2010 departed, but now they too leave a void.

The question is how do we fill it?

It takes a little effort from everyone. To the new seniors, the Class of 2012: when you return to campus this fall, you will notice that many familiar faces are now gone. Your members will now look to YOU for leadership. It will be your responsibility to set the example. Ask yourselves: Will you finish strong or check out early?

To our rising stars, the new sophomores and juniors: this is your opportunity to make a name for yourself. It is a chance to redefine your role in the chapter and the legacy you will leave behind. What will your role be? What mark will you leave? Will you prove to be a positive or negative influence on your members?

The class of 2011, like all the classes before it, is moving on and taking on new responsibilities for the organization. As much as we all have a part in the success of a chapter; its fate rests on the shoulders of its 18-22 year old members who are trying to find their way through life and college. We all have a hand in the success of a chapter, but our current members are the ones who shape it for its future.

When you return to campus this fall, you will notice that many of those familiar faces are gone. Take a moment to look in the mirror: YOU are now the leaders, and you now shape the traditions that have lasted for generations. This is your responsibility. Stay strong. Whether or not you have an elected position; remember, each and every member has the opportunity to be a leader. Take pride in that leadership and make your chapter the best it can be for your alumni, for your future members, and most importantly for yourselves.

Without those members we'll be just fine.  Now it's your turn to change the world.