Create Value

I have a degree. Does that make me smart? Intelligent? Competent? I have parents and mentors. Does that make me a better person?

I have a gym membership. Does it make me stronger? Faster? Healthier?

I have a title. Does that make me respected? Trusted? Worth following?

I have a license. Does that make me a good driver?

I have expensive sunglasses. Does that make me interesting? Cool?

Fraternities and sororities have values. Does that make us valuable?


Values-based is Passive. Convenient. Occasional. Accidental. Hindsight. It means waiting until situations present themselves, and consulting sacred words for the advice they provide.

It helps, but it’s not enough.


Values-driven is Active. Challenging. Constant. Intentional. Directed. It requires searching every moment for an opportunity to transform words like honor, justice, and community into real moments. It means actively pursuing opportunities to make the world a little bit better.

This is what creates Integrity. Relevance. Value.


Raise the bar.