Right Solution, Wrong Problem

Which hazing problem are you trying to solve?

  • The rogue brother who mistreats an aspiring new member without the knowledge of leaders?

  • The young alumni who regularly return during homecoming to quiz new members?

  • Organization leaders who conspire to perpetuate a long-standing practice of manipulating new members?

  • A chapter leader with little training on appropriate methods of accountability?

  • The fraternity and sorority swapping new members to play pranks on one another?

  • Chapter leaders from another university visiting to test and work out the new chapter’s line?

All of these scenarios involve hazing, but each one represents a distinct type of problem that requires its own unique solution.

The appropriate solution might involve policy change, accountability, staff training, procedural changes, or educational efforts. But these efforts are meaningless and powerless if you don’t know which problem you are trying to solve.

Until you explore the unique attributes of hazing in your community or organization, how do you know you have the right solution? 

And how do you know you’re not making it worse?